Fund Loan

API endpoint to fund loans for mobile users.

HTTPS Request


We only fund loan using the user's balance now, not balance and bank as done previously. Validation needed for the API endpoint to work:

1. Offer has to be not processed on dwolla before; processed_on_dwolla attribute have to be False.

2. Offer has to be Accepted.

3. LoanRequest status has to be Offered.

4. Borrower has a primary funding resource.

5. Investor's Balance exceeds the total_amount attribute of the Loan.

Path Parameters


    'message': 'Loan is started to fund, We will notify you just finish.'

Sample Request

import requests
import json

offer_id = 126315

headers = {
    'Accept': 'application/json',
    'X-Timestamp': 'REQUEST_TIMESTAMP',

body = {}

# Fund
url_fund = f'{offer_id}/fund/'
response =, json=body, headers=headers)

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