API Reference

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Step 1: List Borrower's Loan Request

Step 2: Offer a loan request

After listing all loan request of the prior 30 days, the investor can initiate an offer with an interest rate for a loan request.

Step 3: Check balance and fund an accepted offer

After the borrower accept the offer, the investor can fund the loan. This requires a check balance call from the investor and then a call to the fund loan endpoint.

Get transfer history

The investor can check the transfer history related to their funded loans in the life cycle of the loan.

Get Loan and payments details

Investors can check their associated loans in different states with their respective data using the following APIs.

Get data aggregation from borrower bank

The investor can get further information about the borrower banking data, if available, before initiating an offer to loan requests.

Other response objects

Some responses may contain a dictionary for borrower, loan_request or lender. You can det the details of each object entries through the following links.n
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